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Trundle Manor has joined the podcasting world!
The Manor is always proper and sometimes that gets to be too much too take. On The Trundlecast we will be talking about what goes on behind the scenes of the most unusual tourist trap in Swissvale, Pennsylvania. We will be talking to the inhabitants of The Manor, the artists who show in our hallowed halls, and the drunken boobs we hang around with in our "spare time". Find out what irks us and what motivates us, and delight in knowing what lies in the future for Trundle Manor. This podcast will have swearing, drinking, and debauchery of some sorts so make sure that your child is one of those cool kids that can handle that kind of talk before you put us on in your minivan because this is where we open up and get dirty!

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The 19th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #19!

Ho ho muah ha ha! It's Trundlemas at the old homestead and Santon presents a booze filled romp into why he should never run the mixing board. Has the crew been nice enough to get coal in their socks?

The 18th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #18!
Vulnavia and the Roswell Incident
Oh man! Caster showers us with his road trip presents, we chat about the upcoming Halloween party (way past the fact), Video Vixens give us our dues, and Vulnavia from the Abominable Dr. Phibes visits for a candid interview. It’s a mess as usual.
The 17th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #17!
The Gobbling King
This Trundlecast: Mr Arm is the only one to understand villainous research, Velda gets panicky, Caster poisons the Lord and Lady, Mike Psych gets blown by a ranger, JimmyZ fades into the background, and Ms. Eve looses track of the point.
The 16th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #16!
More games, anoying screaming, drunken insanity... What is happening to the Trundlecast?!? Well, on the episode the gang tries nerve altering flora and Mr Arm eats a worm!
The 15th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #15!
A New Voice and a Few Games
What has happened to Mr Arm’s voice? Who knows? Who cares? Plus an interview with a few filmmakers planning to use The Manor for one of their main settings!
The 14th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #14!
Video Vixens and Excessive Cocktails
On this Trundlecast listen as it is Mr Arm who finds himself bitten by the lactating beetle known only as "the Drink"; then fall prey to the first Video Vixen Review with Velda Von Minx and the ever-giddy Eve! You won't believe your ears!
The 13th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #13!
A Wedding of Royalty
So it has finally happened! After a long break the Trundlecast returns with new co-hosts and news of a wedding most extravagant. Time to get back to work making strange things and influencing people to do evil!
The 12th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #12!
Periwinkle Archibald the Cword
This Trundlecast is dedicated to our friends and Igors who have moved on from The Manor in one way or another. Drunken fun ensues as the Trundles celebrate PAC's birthday and you get a glimpse into the Lost Trundle Society.
The 11th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #11!
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
The Trundles head to an asylum to see if they can attract some attention from the other side outside of The Manor. Will they be disappointed? Probably. Find out for yourself! This Trundlecast even has a new Villain Problems!
The 10th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #10!
What We Think of Our Empath
Our announcer was kidnaped so that the Trundle Manor grave digger can introduce his Villain Problems segment! Other than that the local Trundlefiles discuss what they think of last Trundlecast’s Empath and how mean he, or Charley, was to Velda!
The 9th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #9!
An Empath at Trundle Manor?
Probably the most human the Trundles have ever been. The Manorís resident ghost, Charley, talks through a young anonymous guest while Mr Arm and Velda drunkenly try to suss out whatís really going on in this whirlwind of an interview.
The 8th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #8!
Big Pete at Trundle Manor

Mr Arm and Velda nervously interview Michael C. Maronna, otherwise known as Big Pete from the Adventures of Pete and Pete! They also catch you up on how Pizza Fest and Atrocity faired in the past weeks.

The Adventures of Danny and Mike Podcast

Zombo the Pizza Fest King

Those Which Birthed Atrocity

The 7th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #7!
Preparing for Pizza Fest

The Trundle Manor inhabitants try and figure out what to ask people for the Pizza Pinup contest for the 2015 Pizza Fest, on this Trundlecast! Does their friend Derrick help, or is it a drunken mess?

Derrick's FB Page for Hexed House Studios

The 6th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #6!
Sitting with the Uncanny and Extraordinary

The Trundlecast talks to some of the actors from an immersive play, Professor Eldritch's Asylum for Uncanny and Extraordinary Women, that went on right next door to Trundle Manor! We held a few parties for the ladies and here's one of them!

Abby/Devious Maid Productions

Ayne/Uncumber Theatrics

The 5th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #5!
A Vampire, A Witch,
and A Black Cat P3

This is the final instalment of our three part Trundlecast: A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat! You even get an abridged story of Trixy: the Trundle Manor 1952 hauler, Mr Arm's first creeprod which is still in the collection and used regularly!

Bryan Vamp's Music on Reverb Nation
Bryan Vamp on Facebook

Devilz in the Detailz on Reverb Nation
Devilz in the Detailz on Facebook

The 4th Trundlecast! Trundlecast #4!
A Vampire, A Witch,
and A Black Cat P2

Continuing this trident of a Trundlecast, the second instalments of interviews with A Vampire, A Witch, and A Black Cat discuss bones, religion, and how cute one of them is. Find out what I'm talking about right here! Cover art by Velda Von Minx!

Bryan Vamp's Music on Reverb Nation
Bryan Vamp on Facebook

Devilz in the Detailz on Reverb Nation
Devilz in the Detailz on Facebook

The Third Trundlecast! Trundlecast #3!
A Vampire, A Witch,
and A Black Cat P1

This Trundlecast explores the lives and beliefs of three of the main stays of Halloween. Music by Bryan Vamp and Julie Lynn is peppered throughout! Don’t judge me on the interview with Little Devil... seriously, I’m sorry. Cover art by Lily Boyko!

Bryan Vamp's Music on Reverb Nation
Bryan Vamp on Facebook

Devilz in the Detailz on Reverb Nation
Devilz in the Detailz on Facebook

The Second Trundlecast! Trundlecast #2!

On this Trundlecast we talk to Andrew The Impaled, Bernard Grandjacques, and Polly Trundle; there is a brief news bulletin inserted where it only hurts a little; we nurse a hangover; and we introduce some of Dr Freaky's artwork as our cover art!
Andrew the Impaled on Facebook

The First Trundlecast!

The Very First Trundlecast!

Hosted by Mr Arm and Velda Von Minx, we talk to our first artist of the year, Sheron Bergmark; and her daughter, introduce the Trundlecast and what we will be giving you, and tell the first part of our love story! Also a bunch of weird ramblings!


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