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7724 Juniata St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Open by appointment only!
Call or text Mr Arm 412-916-5544

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-Wear a mask
-No more than 8 a tour-
-Do not touch anything-
-No public bathroom-
-We have air purifiers!-
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Tour of the bottom floor collection of Pittsburgh's most unusual and strangely accessible private home!
Tours By Appointment!
Some Donation Appreciated!

Tour Appointment Hours?
Monday Evenings
Thursday Evenings
Friday Evenings
and Weekends!
All when availible, of course.
(No tours booked around most holidays, especially Halloween.)

Text (412) 916-5544 to
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or Fill out the Contact Form:

Contact forms are not read immediately,
so don't get pushy.
Mr Arm wouldn't like that.

Five Frequently Answered Questions

We do not charge. We do have a standard donation of $20 per group, but that can be money, dead things, medical devices, old cleavers, booze (not beer), or anything creepy!

Tours run around 45 minutes for the average group. It really depends on the group.

We can do tour groups from 1 to 8 people, so bring your friends or plan an evening out for you and your sweetie pie!

What are we? We've never actually answered this question fully but go HERE for more info!

Our tours are by appointment only and we don't often accomodate last minute requests; so call, text, or email Mr Arm using our Contact Page as soon as you can!

A Bona Fide Tourist Trap!

Take a tour of Trundle Manor and see some unusual collections and vignettes! Fun for the whole family! Trundle Manor is considered a bona fide tourist trap and will leave you and your family scratching your heads wondering how you ever lived without seeing our establishment before. Spend your time wowing your friends at the fact that you know of this place.

When you make a reservation at Trundle Manor we strive to give you the best experience we can! Contact Mr Arm via our Contact Page to arrange a tour of the bottom floor of Pittsburgh's most unusual accessible private home! Please make your reservations at least one week in advance.


We are not killers, we are collectors! Nothing in the Manor was tortured or killed by Mr Arm or Velda. Most of our taxidermy is older than we are.


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