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Trundle Manor's Sexy Taxidermy Classes!
By special appointment only, The Manor gives you the same experience that served as Mr Arm and Velda Von Minx's first date: performing taxidermy amongst the collection!

$175 per Person
(Covers All Materials)

Mr Arm
to Plan

No less than 4 people per setup, so tell your friends!

Masked Taxidermy at The Manor

We will supply everything you need to learn how to taxidermy an ethically-obtained rabbit from start to finish and take it home with you when you are done. What does "ethically sourced" even mean? It means none of the animals used in class or in our personal work are killed just for taxidermy or fun. The skins will be used in class but we will help you preserve any part of the insides you also want (within reason). If you choose not to keep the carcasses, we certainly will! Bottom line, nothing goes to waste.

We require at least a month advance booking and may choose to not book at all. Like everything at The Manor it's up to us so be nice! We require at least a group of 4 and want nothing more than to encourage everyone to bring a date.  After all, it brought us together! We encourage people to bring their booze of choice as well. We’ll even give you the proper glassware and a straw to drink it from!

We also have a deal to let you come and cut up whatever we haven’t the time for that sleeps in our outdoor freezer. The catch is that we get to keep whatever you make and you gotta plan for more than one creature. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to learn but not spend the cash.

Just fill out our contact form and we’ll try and get you started.


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