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Live Events at The Manor!
Keep one eye here and one on the front page for upcoming strange and fantastic events hosted by and at Trundle Manor. Taxidermy Classes, Art Shows, Live Entertainment, "Secret" Limited Engagement Vaudeville Nights; All here for your Pleasure! Keep in mind that we are in a residential neighborhood so when visiting... BE NICE!



Art Shows at The Manor!

Trundle manor is welcoming artists into our tour experience. We have installed gallery track in the ceiling to hang works that our creepy atmosphere will showcase exceptionally. This is the site of information for our in house art gallery. For every show we will have an opening party, a closing party, and the artists' work will be hung visibly during each tour for an entire month.

Taxidermy at The Manor!

Trundle Manor hosts a few professional taxidermy classes on a by arrangement basis. We'll teach you to make a strange thing for your collection and provide you with all of the materials needed. Contact us if you would like to set something up! Lingerie optional but hoped for.


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