You may not have our shield.
Hosted at Trundle Manor on the 13th day of each month at 9pm,
the odd and debaucherous members of The SSOA imbibe and cavort amongst its Grand Collection
whilst being treated to curated cocktails, joviality, and the occasional bizarre bit of entertainment.
You have been chosen as a meritorious person and The Magpies wish your presence.
Dress is formal and all must arrive with an invitation or member's calling card in hand and conversation on tongue.
House dues are $40 per attendee along with gratuity for servers and tenders.
One must prearrange to attend by informing one’s Acquisitioner or The Manor.
Give no less than one week’s prior notice and reveal this intent to none other.
May The Magpies collect you and The Society give you Wonder.


The Manor
Our Grand Collection of Note