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The Wedding of Velda and Mr Arm



A Most Villainous Wedding!


This was

April 30th

At the

You were all hereby cordially invited to the nefarious, dreadful, and bound to be infamous wedding of the Mistress and Master of Trundle Manor: Rachel Rose Rech & Anton Raphael Miriello!

Less than just a wedding and more of a vaudeville show built on unusual love! Other than the couple, the real stars of this event were the talented people who have surrounded them for their entire lives. From entertainers to creators, some of these folks have chosen to bless Mr Arm and Velda with the greatest gift that could be given: celebration! Individual songsters, Balkan dancers, bands; a true cavalcade of good times.

Doors opened at 2pm
the Wedding Ceremony took place at 5pm
with Entertainment all hours till 2am!

Hors d’oeuvres and cookies were available with the Pittsburgh waffle truck, Second Breakfast, open for pay after 8pm to feed the throng. Absinthe, wine, beer, and specialty cocktails provided but people brought bottles to help out.

Monetary donations to the twisted couple were collected at the door and went towards their London honeymoon with partial proceeds going to the Braddock Carnegie Library.

Attire was "elegantly unusual". Whether your style was dark, retro, or something more traditional, people were encourraged to get as creative or fancy as they liked; but we did ask: no sweat pants, flip flops, or sports wear.

Most were invited / All were welcome
Limited Seating but Fun for Everyone!


The Schedule of Entertainment

Oh what immense fun this was!

2:00 Flock of Walri
3:00 Allegheny Rhythm Rangers
4:00 Devilz in the Detailz
5:00 -WEDDING-
5:30 Phat Mandee and -FIRST DANCE-
6:00 Amoeba Knievel
6:30 Bryan Vamp
7:00 Agnes Wired for Sound
8:00 Torn Apart Hearts
9:00 Olivia Kissel
9:30 The Hammer Sisters: Maria and Christine
10:00 The Legendary Hucklebucks
11:00 45 Spider
12:00 Those Gorgeous Bastards
1:00 Jackals of Botswana

People didn't just come for the ceremony. We had arranged such a wide aray of amazing entertainment, thanks to all of our supporters and, by all accounts, friends we made this a wedding no one would ever be able to forget! You missed it!


We had some top notch photographers handling this ceremony
so keep an eye here for all of the scrapbook style memories!

This is what we had to clean up!

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