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Little Devil: The bid to live forever.

March 13th

Come celebrate the life of Little Devil by trying to conquer Pittsburgh’s most immersive escape room with us:
Our Generous Benefactors

You must be on the list to attend!

to play
60 spots availible
(discounted from $30)

$30 to observe
13 spots
(to keep it tight)

Any other donations welcome

All proceeds go towards our $2500 goal of preserving Little Devil for the rest of our lives through freeze-drying.

It’s going to be a long road to raise this much but he’s worth it.  We have just gotten the most exceptional gift to aid us in preserving our beautiful buddy. The head of Enter the Imaginarium escape room has donated an entire day of bookings in the coolest escape room in Pittsburgh.  We are going to make it a Little Devil themed night with special cocktails, some kind of food, and gifts for those who want a try at getting out of a mad creators mind to celebrate the best kitty we have ever known.  All proceeds go towards freeze-drying our little man so we can go on loving him forever.  If you want to book we’ll be charging a discounted rate of $25 a person and we can fit 10 people per group with 6 groups available.  Please tell your friends and spread the word.  Even if they didn’t know our buddy they may still want a unique escape room experience at a discount. There are only a limited number of spaces, so book as soon as you can.

Chamber of Illusions (Magic)
6:00, 7:45, 9:30
The Inventor's Paradox (Libratory)
6:15, 8:00, 9:45

Good evening friends.

Many of you have been aware that the sweetest member of the Trundle Manor family has been sick for some time.  Little Devil, our mascot and our heart, has done his best to hold on but after a rough night in his father’s arms and being comforted by his mother, he finally succumbed to his sickness at 7:17 in the morning of the 17th day of the second month of his 13th year.  He was a lucky little man who loved people, parties, and eating; all relatively with the same zeal.  This house and our world will never be the same without him.

Since his 13th birthday we have been asking for donations and selling pillows and paintings in an attempt to prepare for this day.  Some of that money has gone to medicine to try and keep him with us for as long as possible but the original plan has always been to use it to have him freeze-dried.  We intend to keep him with us until the absolute end of time.  We still have a long way to go as this is a very expensive process.

We are asking our friends to help in any way they can.  If they cannot, we completely understand, as this may sound like a ridiculous thing to spend so much on.  We’re going to be saving every penny we can ourselves as well so we will shut this down as soon as we reach our goal, whichever way it happens.

We’re preparing pillows, prints, and pins for everyone who wants to help so it feels like you’re buying something instead of giving us free money.  If we do well we want to eventually get something special made up for everyone giving over a certain amount; maybe a patch, maybe a special enamel pin, we won’t know until we get this over with.

Thank you for anything you would like to give.  We don’t know how to tell you how much this means.


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