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Trundle Gallery Shows!
Our Featured Artist for
Firmamental Coagulation
Art Opening:
June 6th Beginning at
Meet the artist and let your insides be twisted with the dripping pharamones of the unusual.

Trundle Manor is working hard to provide local artists with a strange place to display works that have some sort of coilation to the Collection of the Manor. Keep an eye here for updates and new artists!


Other Worlds!

Zocto31, also known as Lorne Zeman is opening a Hieronymus Bosch styled art show at The Manor! Join us for one of the strangest openings in Pittsburgh as Zocto31 twists your mind into the type of knots we love to nibble on!

Here is a snippet of his profile for you.

"Currently, I am in Pittsburgh, PA, working as a full time residential and commercial painter/ muralist. My work also includes carpentry, masonry and faux finishing.

My hobbies have included sound/ art projects combining sound recordings made through circuit bent keyboards and homemade electronics.

Art documentation through mediums which include paint, stencil, animation, film, music, sculpture, installation, and experimentation.


All forms of nature; including, animals, insects, wildlife preservation, and land preservation. U.S. and world history; including political and government control.

As well, the cause and effect of war. The exploration of sound through recordings and manipulations. DIY electronic devices and outputs. Underground culture, through all mediums; writing, illustration, photography, installation, and music performance.

Film set and costume design, with a special focus on zombie and creature designs."

Let his work speak for itself though.


I'm sure you expected a "gallery" of photography.

This will be something better! Trundle manor is welcoming artists into our tour experience. We have installed gallery track in the ceiling to hang works that our creepy atmosphere will showcase exceptionally. This is the future site of information for our in house art gallery. For every show we will have an opening party, a closing party, and the artists' work will be hung visibly during each tour for an entire month.

If you are interested in showing your work we would love to set up a meeting to allow us to see your portfolio and for you to tell us a little about your endeavors. You will be able to display at the Manor for an entire month as well as host wine and cheese opening and closing parties for friends.

We are not a business so this entire endeavor is a charity style setup and has been designed for the betterment of the art community.

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming artists' bios and list of monthly ART events.


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