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Velda Von Minx
The Queen of The Manor

Height:5' 10"
Waist: 24"
Hair: Crazy Blond
Eyes: Brown
Mentally: Bat-Shit

Specialty: Ruling The Manor in pink apron and high heals

Built By: Vincent Price and Vampira

Paint Style: All Painted Up Like Trash

Origin: Purported to come from the far reaches of deep space, Velda is decidedly alien in origin

Heart: Larger Than The Average Human

Of Note: The most coveted piece of Mr Arm's collection, she is the Muse of The Manor

Trixy the Trundle Hauler

The Story of Velda

Professional Ghoul. Costumer Extraordinaire. Wasp-Waisted Muse. Velda is the sweeter (more candy-encrusted half) of Trundle Manor. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Transylvania, Velda grew up in her own world, one of cardboard cemeteries, rubber-suited monsters and classic Hollywood glamour.

After stalking Mr Arm from the shadows and admiring Trixy from afar, she got herself invited into The Manor and never left! A nefarious vixen in search of a suitably sinister villain to tie her to railroad tracks, Velda found "love at first slice" with Mr Arm after their first date in Trundle Manor's basement- a lesson in squirrel taxidermy.

Her years of haunting houses for a living, walking with zombies and honing her seamstress skills in the theatre have well prepared her for many unmentionable undertakings within The Manor's walls.

With her flowing blonde hair, blood-red lips and cinched-in waist, she looks as if a 1950s juvenile delinquent grew up to become a TV horror hostess.

Stitched lovingly to Mr Arm's side, they work together tirelessly to further the world of the weird and graciously give tours of their home.

Velda is a maker of monsters both personally and professionally (at Specter Studios) and has worked on numerous Lilliputian sized paintings, a clothing line for the discerning villainess, mastering the theremin, as well as an entire box of chocolates.

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