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The Tundle Hauler

Height: 6'
Length: 18'
Flame Height: 9'
Chopped: 4"
Channeled: 4"

Specialty: Hauling, Fire Breathing, Zombie Destruction, Kicking Ass

Built By: Mr Arm, Velda Von Minx, Pops & Mom Miriello

Paint By: Pops Miriello

Origin: 1952 Dodge Job-Rated Pickup

Heart: 350 Trundle Special

Of Note: Oak Dashboard, Skull Remote Control, Bronze Activation Switches, Chain Steering Wheel, Hand Made Train-Style Grill Shell, Pressed Brass Skunk Door Panels, Custom Tented Ceiling, Fire Truck Siren, Disc Brakes

Trixy the Trundle Hauler

The History of Trixy in a Nutshell

Trixy is Trundle Manor's pick-em-up truck. Born out of the lust of iron and filled with the souls of lost friendships, she is the embodiment of Mr Arm's love of creation.

In the summer of the year 2000, she was rescued from a drunken retch filled with the need of beer money by Mr Arm and dragged to her new home.

Trixy was a 1952 Dodge pickup with a sluggish go box, broken windows, and just enough paint to keep the encroaching rust demons at bay. Seven hundred dollars and a trip to the beer store paid for her freedom.

A car club was devised by two greasers, Ponyboy and Ace, during her resurrection. Hammers, wrenches, oil, and blood built the Devil Boys while at the same time pulling Trixy through the veil of the undead. The club evolved and Trixy was eventually seen as the matriarch of a group of like-minded retro unusuals: the Drifters C. C. of Pittsburgh, PA.

Years passed and Trixy gained a new face in the form of a two-foot stretch topped with a tractor grill. Her heart had been replaced with a 354 poly head engine and she had been through the endless paces of teenage throttle. Lost wheels, a shoddy electrical job, and disinterest separated Mr Arm and Trixy for a time. The lust had waned but the love was always there. She found rest eventually when her brother, the purple tentacle was born. A 1931 ford sedan built from the ground up by Mr Arm and Pops Miriello. Trixy was parked while the project was underway and had stayed so for two years in the snow and rain.

Now Trixy has been redone AGAIN! After her heart exploded from frozen juice it was replaced with a 350 strong thumper. Her nose job is 100 percent original. She was chopped four inches and channeled about the same. New safer brakes, bigger flames throwing stack pipes, a total interior redesign, and new wiring have brought Trixy into the running world again. Now she is the Trundle Hauler!

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