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The Traveling Creepshow

Let us set the mood...

Fog wafts across an empty parking lot in the moments before dawn tickles the distant hills with its rays, and hours before this very lot is bustling with people. A distant rumble spooks the already skittish wildlife as a black truck born straight out of the bowels of hell thunders down the road pulling a garish circus wagon. Screeching to a halt as the caravan hops into line behind her, the beast known as Trixy belches once and shutters to a stop.

The doors open and a slew of carnies tumble from their perches inside the truck onto the pavement. Wet with the morning's dew, members of the Trundle Manor Creepshow crew set into motion their appointed tasks.

"Break out the rum," mumbles an already exhausted Mr Arm, the ringleader. "It's time to freak out the locals."

This is the start of the Trundle Manor Traveling Creepshow's wonder inspiring performance.

Look for the Trundle Manor Traveling Creepshow!

Let Us Explain... Kinda

While this world has become sullen with its understanding that everything has been done before and can be seen on TV, Trundle Manor is setting out to bring out the mystery lying in wait behind the eyes of each and every person with the guff to enter into our unerringly tiny circus tent. The Creepshow is one of the last ditch efforts to bring the tension and madness of the living movie set to the general public. Designed to bring an old fashioned carnival styled atmosphere to any event, the Creepshow is based on the idea that people need more inspiration and should have more questions than they have now.

Armed with a mouthy barker, a twelve-foot Burtonesque circus tent, multiple unusual members of the Trundle Manor, and the appropriate amount of showmanship, the Trundle Creepshow strives to bring something completely memorable to life everywhere they travel.

Inside the tent is a cacophony of bizarre beasts and collectibles captured just for the enjoyment of the gaping crowds. Everything is real flesh and was once living, and all have their own stories based on truth. So be lured in by the screams of those before you because you will have to see for yourselves what they will be too speechless to tell.

We are not magicians, but there may be a magic act. We are not performers, but we will be constantly performing for you. We are the Trundle Manor Traveling Creepshow and we will make you remember us!

Confused? That's how we like it. The Traveling Creepshow is hard to explain because it is always changing and adapting to its surroundings. We are mainly a performance act based on a classic carnival vibe with a tent of oddities and a penchant for mingling with the crowd.

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